Professional training for Diploma in International Financial Reporting / DipIFR awarded by ACCA

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Professional training for Diploma in International Financial Reporting / DipIFR awarded by ACCA

Παρέχεται η δυνατότητα να γραφτείτε τώρα στο πρόγραμμα, καθώς τα προκαταρκτικά μαθήματα του Ιουνίου-Ιουλίου θα επαναληφθούν στις αρχές Σεπτεμβρίου. 

Ολοκλήρωση προγράμματος Δεκέμβριος 2019

Learning outcomes – Programme objectives

DipIFR is designed for professionals in accounting, auditing and finance, who are keen to acquire in-depth understanding of IFRSs(IASs) and the ability to apply these standards in practice. The programme comprises 95 teaching hours (78 teaching hours plus 17 hours for revision). On successful completion of the programme, professionals should be able to:

  • understand,explain and apply the IASB's Conceptual Framework
  • apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial statements
  • identify and apply relevant disclosure requirements
  • prepare group financial statements (cash-flow statements are not examined)

Eligible participants

Professional accountants and auditors in practice or business may be eligible to take the DipIFR qualification, subject to certain criteria (relevant degree and practical experience).

Tuition and exam registration fees

  • Tuition fees amounts to 1.800 euros, including ACCA approved teaching material (Participants may be eligible for special discounts).
  • The programme is eligible for LAEK-OAED 0,24 subsidy.
  • Residents outside Attica may attend the programme via live-streaming (no discounts available for this group).
  • In addition, an exam registration fee is payable directly to ACCA (£185 for early registration, £ 299 otherwise).
  • The deadline for early registration for the December 2019 exams is 29 September 2019.

Principal Instructors

The Programme is taught byStelios Dotsias, FCCA, and Anastasia Chalkidou, FCCABoth instructors have yearsof experience in applying and teaching IFRSs.

Teaching material

  • Study notes and lecture plan, prepared by the instructors
  • BPP ACCA DipIFR study textbook
  • BPP ACCA DipIFR practice & revision kit
  • Past papers & Mock Exams

Start of classes for the December 2019 exams

Instruction starts on 21 June 2019. Application ends on 10 June 2019 ― early application is strongly recommended.

DipIFR Syllabus

For the syllabus of the programme, click here: DipIFR detailed syllabus

For more information on the DipIFR qualification visit ACCA’s website: DipIFR overview

Constantinos Caramanis, Professor of Accounting, Athens University of Economics and Business (programme coordinator).

+30 210 8203 367, +30 697 427 8653,

Ntina Kavalari

+30 210 8203 916,


KEDIVIM – Athens University of Economics and Business

46, Kefallinias st., 6th floor, Athens, 112 51,

Tel: +30 2108203 912/ 913 / 914

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